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Partnership protocol had signed with Amt-Lab and Emoty.AI

As the Advanced Media Technologies Laboratory (AMT-LAB), we signed the first international scientific cooperation protocol at the level of universities in Turkey with Emoty.AI, a Turkish startup that develops artificial intelligence-based hardware-free neurotechnologies.

Thanks to biometric techniques such as micro-expression analysis, eye tracking, pulse detection, pupil analysis, which are developed by Emoty.AI and work through an artificial intelligence-based interface without requiring any physical hardware, productions in the field of media and communication aim to target audiences in the direction of behavior and perception. It will be possible to better understand how it affects.

With the protocol signed between AMT-LAB and Emoty.AI, it is aimed to overcome the difficult conditions for the conduct of physical field research, especially on behalf of the Covid-19 epidemic and post-epidemic processes, and to carry out field studies with scalable and international participants within the scope of research. At this point, it is expected that the speed and quality of international broadcasting will increase. In order to contribute to the development of this high technology, our university is expected to carry out online field studies and present new researches with the contribution of emoty.AI’s technical possibilities to the international scientific literature, within a scientific research and development action plan. Providing the necessary data in order to carry forward the scientific research activities to be realized and the technology developed by the company is adopted as a mutual goal.

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