move to new lab room

We moved the lab to the new place and got bigger

Advanced Media Technologies Lab (AMT-LAB) continues to grow by expanding its borders and increasing the number of members. Located in Aydın Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Communication, AMTLAB continues its activities with the advantage of being in the heart of the university campus and the city.

AMT-LAB is the first laboratory in Turkey to conduct research with biometric data tools in the field of media and communication. It aims to carry out interdisciplinary research as well as media and communication fields. It exhibits an approach to revealing concrete data and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer.

This laboratory, which has a wide range of student participants, carries out original academic studies and projects by using its biometric measurement devices effectively. Topics studied in this lab so far are as follows:

  • E-sports player experience
  • Toxic communication effect in the e-sports industry
  • Website availability
  • The effect of augmented reality applications on the user
  • Brand reputation
  • Logo, package, product design
  • Human computer interaction
  • Infographic layout and activity
  • Visual interior design
  • Audience experience
  • Human behaviour studies

Having a dynamic team with the mission of conducting many studies covering the above topics and examining human behavior makes AMTLAB different. With its expert academic staff and wealth of equipment, AMTLAB targets reliable and innovative solutions for both unique academic studies and private sector needs.

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