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Biometric Data Harvesting in Human Behaviours Scope

What is Biometric Data Harvesting? Biometric data harvesting (BDH) is a technique that covers the processes of collecting data consisting of people’s psycho/physiological responses to a certain stimulus with biometric tools and obtaining mature mixed data as a result of supporting these data with traditional methods such as questionnaires and interviews. The data obtained with […]

Can Dental Anxiety detected with Galvanic Skin Response?

Dental anxiety is an emotional state during which various emotional/motivational changes (concern, fear, stress, and/or excitement) are observed. The effects of this anxiety can impact both the patient and the dentist. The majority of patients experience significant general stress due to previous experiences or environmental factors. Patients with severe anxiety cannot usually suppress their fear, […]

Seçkin Aydın had presented about Biometric Data Tools at the CIASOS 2021 Congress

M. Seçkin Aydın attended the V. International Applied Social Sciences Congress (C-IASOS – 2021) on October 8, 2021. Presenting the paper titled “A General Evaluation of Neuromarketing Techniques” at the congress, Aydın explained the neuromarketing practices and techniques that have been frequently mentioned recently. He drew particular attention to biometric methods and stated that biometric […]

We moved the lab to the new place and got bigger

Advanced Media Technologies Lab (AMT-LAB) continues to grow by expanding its borders and increasing the number of members. Located in Aydın Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Communication, AMTLAB continues its activities with the advantage of being in the heart of the university campus and the city. AMT-LAB is the first laboratory in Turkey to conduct […]