Behiç Alp Aytekin’s presentation at the International Accessibility Congress

Behiç Alp Aytekin gave information about biometric methods and AMTLAB, which he founded within Aydın Adnan Menderes University, at the International Accessibility Congress. At the congress, where AYTEKIN had the chance to talk about the opportunities and projects that AMTLAB has, he expressed the work he plans to do with his lab team in the last period.

AYTEKIN, who is a faculty member of the Visual Communication Design Department of the Faculty of Communication, explained that it is possible to use biometric methods in many different disciplines such as marketing, health, e-sports, and public relations apart from the communication design department. AYTEKIN, who plans to achieve many successes with his team, underlined that they act as a bridge between the university and the private sector and that they want to transfer academic knowledge and practices to the sector in the best way.

AYTEKIN stated that he intends to provide optimization studies in many areas such as brand reputation, product and package design, e-commerce site interface, e-sports player performance development, and user experience with biometric methods.


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