Can Dental Anxiety detected with Galvanic Skin Response?

Dental anxiety is an emotional state during which various emotional/motivational changes (concern, fear, stress, and/or excitement) are observed. The effects of this anxiety can impact both the patient and the dentist. The majority of patients experience significant general stress due to previous experiences or environmental factors. Patients with severe anxiety cannot usually suppress their fear, and their emotional reactions, such as vomiting, crying, screaming, etc., may interfere with the surgical intervention. Therefore, general anaesthesia and/or sedation may be necessary. A detailed examination of the patient and the selection of an appropriate approach may help prevent the use of general anaesthesia and sedation; that is, it may allow for the intervention to be conducted under routine clinical conditions. Unnecessary and high-risk procedures are thus avoided, and an atmosphere of mutual trust is established between patient and dentist.

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Seçkin Aydın had presented about Biometric Data Tools at the CIASOS 2021 Congress

M. Seçkin Aydın attended the V. International Applied Social Sciences Congress (C-IASOS – 2021) on October 8, 2021. Presenting the paper titled “A General Evaluation of Neuromarketing Techniques” at the congress, Aydın explained the neuromarketing practices and techniques that have been frequently mentioned recently. He drew particular attention to biometric methods and stated that biometric methods are much more cost effective than brain imaging methods in terms of being easy and reliable to use.

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Behiç Alp Aytekin’s presentation at the International Accessibility Congress

Behiç Alp Aytekin gave information about biometric methods and AMTLAB, which he founded within Aydın Adnan Menderes University, at the International Accessibility Congress. At the congress, where AYTEKIN had the chance to talk about the opportunities and projects that AMTLAB has, he expressed the work he plans to do with his lab team in the last period.

AYTEKIN, who is a faculty member of the Visual Communication Design Department of the Faculty of Communication, explained that it is possible to use biometric methods in many different disciplines such as marketing, health, e-sports, and public relations apart from the communication design department. AYTEKIN, who plans to achieve many successes with his team, underlined that they act as a bridge between the university and the private sector and that they want to transfer academic knowledge and practices to the sector in the best way.

AYTEKIN stated that he intends to provide optimization studies in many areas such as brand reputation, product and package design, e-commerce site interface, e-sports player performance development, and user experience with biometric methods.


We moved the lab to the new place and got bigger

Advanced Media Technologies Lab (AMT-LAB) continues to grow by expanding its borders and increasing the number of members. Located in Aydın Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Communication, AMTLAB continues its activities with the advantage of being in the heart of the university campus and the city.

AMT-LAB is the first laboratory in Turkey to conduct research with biometric data tools in the field of media and communication. It aims to carry out interdisciplinary research as well as media and communication fields. It exhibits an approach to revealing concrete data and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer.

This laboratory, which has a wide range of student participants, carries out original academic studies and projects by using its biometric measurement devices effectively. Topics studied in this lab so far are as follows:

  • E-sports player experience
  • Toxic communication effect in the e-sports industry
  • Website availability
  • The effect of augmented reality applications on the user
  • Brand reputation
  • Logo, package, product design
  • Human computer interaction
  • Infographic layout and activity
  • Visual interior design
  • Audience experience
  • Human behaviour studies

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Partnership protocol had signed with Amt-Lab and Emoty.AI

As the Advanced Media Technologies Laboratory (AMT-LAB), we signed the first international scientific cooperation protocol at the level of universities in Turkey with Emoty.AI, a Turkish startup that develops artificial intelligence-based hardware-free neurotechnologies. Read more