Kağan Depboylu had presented about Biometric Data Harvesting at the 4th International Congress on Human Studies

Purpose of the study; It is to increase the awareness of the potential and usage areas of the tools of the “biometric data harvesting” technique and to make suggestions for future research. It is thought that remote biometric data harvesting will provide great convenience to cross cultural studies where participants from all over the world can be included cost-effectively. Eye tracking within the FACS technique provides an integrated method solution for web-based research. The combined use of GSR, HR and FACS techniques for biometric measurements and their support with traditional methods are also recommended for future studies. It has been suggested that studies can be conducted on biometric data harvesting for areas such as brand, usability, customer/user/consumer/player experience, e-sports

Conference paper can be accessed at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/356854956_Biometric_Data_Harvesting_Proposals_on_Remote_Biometric_Data_Gathering_and_Measurements_in_Human_Behaviours_Scope