Seçkin Aydın had presented about Biometric Data Tools at the CIASOS 2021 Congress

M. Seçkin Aydın attended the V. International Applied Social Sciences Congress (C-IASOS – 2021) on October 8, 2021. Presenting the paper titled “A General Evaluation of Neuromarketing Techniques” at the congress, Aydın explained the neuromarketing practices and techniques that have been frequently mentioned recently. He drew particular attention to biometric methods and stated that biometric methods are much more cost effective than brain imaging methods in terms of being easy and reliable to use.

“Consumer don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say” David Ogilvy – Advertising and Communication Expert

Aydın also stated that “Neuromarketing provides the opportunity to measure the reactions of consumers on issues such as advertisement, product, packaging, brand image, experience, website usability, purchasing and awareness level, through brain activities and emotions”

“Neuromarketing does not exclude traditional methods and allows working together. It is thought that more comprehensive and most importantly more accurate results can be obtained when neuroscience-based measurements are used together with traditional measurements in marketing research and related fields.”

Stating that many biometric data-based studies are carried out within AMTLAB, AYDIN added that they are very lucky to be supported by Emoty.AI. which is an image processing-based and artificial intelligence supported neurotechnology platform that develops technologies to detect people’s subconscious orientations.



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